An online music portal for the prestigious Playaz Recordings.

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Legendary DJ, producer and label owner Pascal wanted us to create an online presence for Playaz that made them stand out from the crowd.

With a mixture of some great usability ideas and a lot finely tuned code, we did more than that by providing him with a true game-changer.

A fully AJAX implementation ensures any audio added to the custom built audio playlist system continues to play whilst navigating the site.

We added many speed and usability enhancing features to the site such overlaid popup windows for the register, login, basket and checkout stages of the user journey. And we topped it off a Facebook Login system allowing super speedy registration for customers.

A three-type filter system was implemented to the Store page making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. We even added a cool view switcher allowing the user to change the way the store looks.

View the Store in action

We created an audio shopping experience that not only challenged competitor record labels, but one that was said by users to be a better experience than big stores like Beatport and iTunes.

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